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Start with a bang
On about a gang from a land of inherited estates
Abandoned values
Stately pace
Abandoned values
Stately pace
Have you seen the state of this police state
Religious hate
Front-page arms trader
Who pays a bank
Food bank
Binge drink
On the news a who’s-who of old bastards
Getting away with it again
And I’m supposed to give thanks
Who to
British values
British beef
British farmer’s daughter on Page 3
Goodbye teens
Brits abroad
You know what that means
Never been kissed
Teacher teacher
On thee our hopes we fix
Teach us politics
Knavish tricks
A Trojan horse for all the hate preachers and oily garchs
Mix and a pick of the lonely hearts
Which is when the wife starts
Gone too far right
To the rich
Out of sight
Out of mind
Mine occupied by who to demonise
Who has no rights
No voice
No power
Who has no power
Rise up
Molest the dead
Do you like me
Nah, not interested
Rise up
Molest the dead
Do you like me
Nah, not interested
Interest rates
House prices
By the look on your face we’re in a crisis
Born and raised
Like this crisis we’re front-page
Nothing kills an erection like stepping on a slug
Oh God
And yes, Sir, I am in love
In love with the mattress on the pavement
Eviction notice
That’s entertainment
And if you don’t vote
For us
A plague of locust
May sedition hush
Late payment
Tick toc
Crush rebellious Scot
Rebellious Scot
Your God
What gets you off
Your sister’s knickers on my head
Entertains a sordid guest
Anyway up
Meal for two
Three kings to be
OBE me
Men should brothers be
One family
Not endowed by a Duke
Can I be your Companion of Honour
Gonna puke on a beans on toast
Lads lads
Let us raise a glass and make a toast
You shagged my Sunday roast
To British jobs and British growth
Go east
Start a war
Distort peace
Ambassador to the very best of the British defence industry
We could leave you be
Cold and hungry
Available to hire
Put a money in a bullet
It’s all friendly fire
We beat a team
Up to no good
Have you seen a
Unruly mob
I need a cleaner
With a bucket and a mop
Up at the scene of
Unnatural love
Love your father homeless
Impaled on spikes
Your days and nights of pagan sacrifice
You’re all benefit scum and parasites
Unlucky for some
I’m not racist but
I’m not racist but
When you say this
You’re definitely are racist
That’s not great
In this age
Daily hate is a trait of the male
White British babies
Baking Victoria sponge
Are you taking the piss
You’ve got to be fucking kidding me
There is no more boring cake than this


from Illegal Emotions, track released May 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Paul Haworth & Sam de Groot Amsterdam, Netherlands

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