The Unanswered Question

from by Paul Haworth & Sam de Groot

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“The Unanswered Question” is a 1908 composition by Charles Ives


Yeah yeah
I wonder where you are
You are
The one cold body on the net
I am trying to not get used to the silence
Any kind of kindness
As we ride sleepy-eyed milestones
You won’t call
I won’t follow
The rocks that fall
The rifts
The cliffs
It was all so PG-12
I held your innocence like the fruit of a winter cherry
This is difficult, very
Undelete every email I didn’t properly read
There’s something I fail to see
That’s called fate, that is
A way to not be interested
The heavy hurt
To say the word
Accept defeat
Let’s fill our bodies with disease
Mum calls
Mum calls
Ring ring
Mum calling to wish you luck
But lately it’s like luck isn’t enough
So what’s up
I don’t know
Just stuff
He tells me
Like he’s the only one that’s got stuff going
Like I don’t understand
Not knowing
I don’t suffer down
Climb clouds
Blow smoke
When a cloak swings down
It sinks like a brick
And the mind plays tricks
But it sticks to its story
Who gets you up in the morning
Makes you sorry
Makes a vow
Now we lisp and slur
And the pictures blur
Young lovers
A his and a her
In a world at war
And yeah yeah
I still wonder where you are
You are unresolved
You are out of sight
I saw your name
Written in white
Bordered in black
Ginsberg wrote that
On a portrait of Kerouac
Your face a blank
Your name lost straightaway
Straight face
Great days
Wasn’t it
Can I put my case in
Don’t tell me you’ve got the cloakroom blues
I’ve got the cloakroom blues
The what-you-gonna-do’s
When it all gets too
What’s the word
When your momma go
All you do is wait tables
Able alien woman
From a city I’ve never heard of
In a country I can’t place
I can’t place faces
Ones you see once and never again
Once you feel wanted you move again away
You say
All places are alike
And all earth is fit for burial
Fit for burying serial feelings of nothing much
Those feelings push the same answers
Always just stuff
Stuff your stuff
You’re all talk
Can’t even fill the stalls
If your best work’s behind you
Why do you get the same rush
Rush your lines
Like minds
And I’m like
Who’s next
Can I help
You can hope
My name is
And you spoke
And it just so happened
We both were cained
Carved in oak
Do you feel my pain
Do you smoke
Mayhaps in each toke
I hope I can rely on you to protect my cloak
Here’s what she wrote
Ta-ra and ta
Wherever you are
I hope you’re happy with him
And not wondering
My God
My luck
I just don’t trust men
Not to mention
Men that cry
Aye aye
I was working today at the National Gallery
And I smiled at a man who looked like Hugh Bonneville
Was it him
I’m not sure
I think it was
And the reason I’m telling you this
I don’t know
I don’t know
I don’t know how to make you happy
And you don’t know
You don’t know
You don’t know who Hugh Bonneville is
I plunder my past
Trying to make you laugh
Or figure the last time we spoke
I missed what you said
Your voice broke and the line went
You look good
You’re all mine
Your own mind made of smoke
You wouldn’t know
And I wouldn’t say no
So no
No no no no
No traps, Donatello
Clap my head off
Before you go off on one
About a low
And I grow
I know stuff I can’t remember
I called
What for
Hot coals
Starvation and heartbreak
Hot coals
I’ll call you first mate
Hot coals
If I don’t go a hi-di-ho
So go, you gallant fools
And I’ll take the heartbreak
To the underworld
To the basement
To Paul Westerberg
Your ballads are my favourite
And I pay for it
No patrons make you
I paint you portraits of waiters
Prisoner dreamers
Leave us alone or in love
Hello, 31
I want you so much
Now you’re gone
There’s no proof you were here
We dissolve in our youth
Hide the truth
Do you see a decade
Do you see a day
Made up of loose-cigarette stares
Promises unkept in the depths
And who cares at last call who you choose
When I’ve seen you move
Through Nepal, India, Germany, Spain
You’re not answering again
The call to entertain in plays
A maze of feeling
Raised by reading the letters we scatter
Like confetti initials of a name
But whose
Who’s to gather the matters the ladders
A crane of longevity seekers
Same old
Same old
Age and weakness
Clear this mind
I’ll be no charity case
So let’s be kind
As we discover we’re sad and dumb
And run these waters into one
To one
To the best
To become
And if it gets too tough
You don’t remember my name
Read my name badge, dummy


from Illegal Emotions, track released June 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Paul Haworth & Sam de Groot Amsterdam, Netherlands

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